Posted by: Andrea | August 13, 2009

Happy International Left-handers Day!

Sounds almost lewd, doesn’t it.

Ok, so I’m trying to get back into blogging and I’m totally stealing the Lefthander’s day to help me out.

As a Southpaw, and let’s be honest, I’m also ambidextrous….cuz who doesn’t like to throw that big word around…things are not always unawkward.

Lefties get a bad-rep. I really don’t care. I finally found a refrigerator that opens to the left. (Sub-zero, you are my friend) I totally have blown off ironing and I practically own stock in Fiskars because they rock the left-handed scissors for real.

At times, I’ve blamed my left-handedness for things I didn’t want to do. It comes in handy with the ironing. That cord and board always screw with me.

Learning to feed my son, when he was an infant, was probably the most awkward thing I’ve done. And try teaching a right-handed kid how to tie their shoes. Oh forget it.

I grew up just after the whole “you must be switched” if you are left-handed. Both my parents were switched. They encouraged me to stick with the lefty thing. Tennis was fun as a kid, cuz my backhand was my front hand, until my instructor caught me changing hands. That’s a no-no….but it was working.

Nowadays, there are stores just for lefties…And I think that’s just a huge gimmick. Just like International Lefty day. But hey, I’m lefty, so let’s celebrate. (start throwing confetti, I’ll get the champagne!)

So lucky ambidextrous chick that I am, I have learned to play tennis the right way….I golf right handed because it’s just insane not to…and I can even take legible notes with my right hand…because after all, my left hand gets tired…and needs its beauty rest.

I read somewhere that lefties are more inclined to be technological. So if that’s true, they why is it so hard to find a left-handed mouse. Oh sure, I can order a specialty one, but I can’t walk into Lest Buy and pick one up. Just sayin’ I mouse left.



  1. From one ambidextrous girl to another lets celebrate! I actually took my doors off the fridge and switched them to the other side so that I could open them and feel comfortable! How funny is that? LOL

    You grab the champagne and I’ll get the shrimps let the celebration begin!!

  2. I’m jealous of ambidextrous people. I’ve always wanted to be able to use both hands, but I can’t do shit with my left hand. Anyways, happy left-handers day!!!!

  3. BFF’s oldest daughter is a leftie, and we find it difficult to find things for her (softball glove, scissors, etc) when we need them. We always have to be ten steps ahead so things aren’t sold out!

    I’ll need to remember there is a ILD!

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