Posted by: Andrea | January 3, 2009

Christmas Shopping

[Apparently I didn’t publish this post when I wrote it before Christmas, so it’s a little out of order. Oops!]

The year’s big shopping day for firstbourne actually included, you guessed it…firstbourne. As we drove across the lake, I kept thinking to myself, ‘I am so screwed, I am so freakin’ screwed. “How am I gonna shop for a 7 year old while he’s with me?” The words -EPIC FAIL- flashed like a neon sign in my brain.

About half way across the 26 mile bridge separating me from the mall, firstbourne curls up with his pillow and says, “I’m just gonna rest for a bit.” Now don’t get too excited, because this child NEVER sleeps in the car anymore. Hardly never, ever, ever. So I thought nothing of it.

Minutes later, we hear the soft rhythmic breathing of a…drum roll….sleeping seven year old. OMG! It was 6:30pm. What the… My first thought was, oh no, he’s sick. Seriously, he doesn’t sleep in the car. We were completely caught off-guard.

We arrived at the Toy’s R’ Us. Boy still asleep. So we took turns shopping. We both figured we could knock out the “toy store” before he woke up. He sat up at one point, said something and flopped back down in his pillows. thatwasclose. Whew. We did it.

Off to the mall. At this point, we figured if he slept anymore, he wouldn’t sleep that night, so we tried to wake him. (This goes against parenting policy rule #1…You wake ’em, you take ’em. But at some point, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.) And we tried to wake him. No.such.luck. The boy was out. So off I went, into the mall, alone, to conquer and purchase.

I returned after I could no longer carry the shopping bags in my arms to a still-sleeping boy. Now, I’m getting a little concerned. It’s around 9:30pm. I’m hungry and tired. And I’d like to go sit down somewhere and enjoy some PF Changs dinner. Let’s just cut to the chase, it didn’t happen. We drove around and finally happened upon a Popeye’s chicken so we got a “little snack.”

Then it occurred to us that the Copeland’s light display was up and not too far away from where we were. Seeing as how it’s the last year they’ll be doing it, we definately wanted to go. (R.I.P. AC) So off, in pursuit of gawdy bawdy light displays, we headed to Transcontinental Drive.

As we waited in the extremely long line of traffic, I happened upon a delightfully unsecured internet connection, bliss at last. Seriously, I need help. Firstbourne is still zonked out. And yes, we still tried to wake him, to no avail.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

At some point, the Mister and I decided if firstbourne was going to sleep the whole time, we were getting a free quasi-date night so we made the most of it. We really wished he had been awake to enjoy our adventures, but it was a blessing in two ways. a) Shopping turned out NOT to be the epic fail I thought it would be. b) we got a little quality time together over the holidays that we don’t usually get.

Coffee and Beignets

Coffee and Beignets

We stopped at Red Lobster and got take out. Yep, we still couldn’t wake the boy. Since it was such a beautifully warm night, we headed to Morning Call and enjoyed some cafe au lait and beignets to finish off our evening.

Morning Call and Lakeside News

Morning Call and Lakeside News

By the time we got home, it was after 1am and as my hubby was carrying a sleeping boy up to his bed, he stirred again. Then he jolted awake and proclaimed, “Mom, I slept for an hour” (Shhhh, we’ll never tell. He got 6 wonderful hours of sleepus uninterruptus and fell back asleep shortly thereafter. Again, another close call, he could have been awake all night.)



  1. Wow! You are lucky, LW would have been up for the rest of the night! I’m glad you got all your shopping done without having to make any stealth maneuvers.


  2. That is a wonderful story. He’s adorable by the way

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