Posted by: Andrea | November 26, 2008

Holiday Traditions

In conclusion of this week’s Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza, I’d like to share some more ways that our family will celebrate the holidays.

Baking, holiday music, trips to the mall, sneak buying Christmas gifts for firstborn under his nose and cleverly hiding them in the shopping cart, holiday peppermint mochas with red sprinkles on top, gingerbread houses with extra candy decorations, going to see the lights in the neighborhood, holiday parties, lighting the fireplace, turning the heat on in Southern Louisiana, bon fires, shopping in the big city, winter waterfront celebration, pictures with Santa, Christmas cards, putting up the village, setting up the train, more trips to the mall, sending gifts cross-country and getting them their on-time, going to a local tree farm and bringing home a fresh Louisiana Leyland Cypress (firstborn also has small one in a pot because he wants to plant it in our yard after the holidays.)

We’ll also be donating gently used coats and jackets to the local organizations that accept them. Ok, it’s Southern Louisiana, who am I kidding? They’re practically new winter coats. And that’s something I feel good about. It’s for the children.

Here’s a recap of the rules and participating blogs. Don’t forget to enter at all of them. I’ve met some really wonderful friends on Plurk and I’m really honored to take part in this contest.

Have a very blessed and thankful Thanksgiving.

The Rules:

1. How do you enter? It’s easy — just comment on our blog post for the day.

2. You can enter once per participating blog per day.

3. If you blog and would like to post about our contest, doing so will get you 5 extra entries.

4. There will be 2 winners.

5. Each winner will need to give us a mini bio of your family — ie: ages, genders, wants, needs, likes.

6. We will buy prizes accordingly.

7. Prizes will be wrapped for under the tree and sent without delay!

8. Comments and posts from Sunday November 23 through Wednesday November 26th will be taken as entries.

9. The winners will be announced Black Friday!!!

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  1. I’m feeling rather scrouge-ish today. I just spent the better part of my day (okay, ALL of it) running my brother around from place to place to place and never want to step foot again in a store as long as I live (or until the holiday’s are over – whatever comes first…lol)

    I am thankful for egg nog and spiced cider tomorrow though – a little Cap’n and all will be right in the world (and get me through dysfunction junction)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Daigles!

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