Posted by: Andrea | November 16, 2008

Tag! I’m it!

There’s this fun little meme that’s been running around Plurk, and I’ve been delightfully tagged by the Divine Ms. Kat.

Step #1 – Link to the person who tagged you. Check

Step #2 – Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about yourself. This gives fellow bloggers (and your readership) a chance to actually get to know you better. Drum roll please…

1) I’ve been a web designer for 10+years. I’ve recently gone back to school, on a whim, for computer-aided design aka cad drafting. And I LOVE it. I hope to pursue it til quite possibly I realize my secret dream of becoming an architect one day.

2) I believe that a person should try everything once. Except skydiving. I have always held the belief that you can’t know if you like something til you’ve tried it. Spinach, brussel sprouts, someone else’s cooking, hang-gliding, mountain climbing, etc. you get the idea. But I truly believe the only time you should jump out of a plane, if it’s going down anyway. I learned this while I was a student pilot. And no, I’ve never had to use that advice.

3) I’m left-handed. And I truly believe it’s the reason I’m not good hate at ironing.

4) I’m huge technogeekdorknerdgirl. I am totally addicted to gadgets and Plurk. Now that I have my new iTouch, I’m rockin’ the addiction all the way. I LURVE wi-fi on a handheld.

5) My absolute favorite place in the world is the beach. I spent my youth traveling to as many beaches of the world as possible. I’ve been as far away as Fiji, and by far, one of my favorite beaches is lil’ ol’ Destin which is a quick 4.5 hour drive from me.

Whew, it’s harder than one would think to come up 5 fun facts. But it sure was FUN. Part 3 of this fun little exercise is the tagging part, and I think pretty much everyone has been tagged, and memed etc. So I’d just like to shout out to the some of the other fun facts I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading, and if I missed anyone, let me know.

If you weren’t tagged, and you’re reading this, you know what to do.


  1. I subscribe to the philosophy that one should try everything once … except running for fun. WTF? I am not running unless something is chasing me.

  2. Love the beach myself — you know, we have some mighty fine sandy waterfront just down the coast from Destin *cough*near me*cough* that is worth a visit. πŸ˜‰

  3. *sniff* Thanks! I’m so glad to have your website link now. I now know who to come to when I have no idea what I’m doing on the web πŸ™‚

    My ex husband was friends with a family who owned a local airport. They built planes, taught flying — the original owner’s pilot license was signed by Orville Wright. Anyway, the point of that was their motto:”It makes no sense to jump from a perfectly good airplane.”

  4. Oh I share you love of the beach, and yes I am a technogeekdorknerdgirl too, and I rock the itouch like no one elses business! πŸ™‚

  5. Okay, I am laughing hysterically at that damned Cajunvegan yet again! I likewise subscribe to the try EVERYthing once! However, running, hmmmm – who is chasing me? I am not sure I’d even run then!!

    GREAT post! I love learning these little things about you!!

  6. I am so using the being left handed excuse to avoid ironing! I agree with you, planes are not to be jumped out of unless they are in flames.


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