Posted by: Andrea | October 29, 2008

The Spooktacular Edition of Wordless Wednesday

A Lil’ Jango Fett

A Lil' Jango Fett

A Lil



  1. Um …………. the crocs?

    They ain’t workin’.

    Bounty hunters are ‘posed to be fierce, relentless, domineering, foreboding, dark.

    Blue Crocs bring none of these things to the table.

    Rupe’s just sayin’ …..

  2. This is true Rupe. I have been informed that those will not be worn by a true bounty hunter on halloween. It’s just cuz I made him go outside to take pitchas.

  3. awesome! (sans crocs lol) So, now we know what Ashton is for Halloween, how about the boy?

  4. LOL! I was informed that true Jedi do indeed where Spiderman velcro sneakers so LW is safe for tomorrow! Your little guy looks great!


  5. Jango is particularly excited about the inflatable jet pack and blasters (not shown in picture).

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