Posted by: Andrea | October 24, 2008

Sometimes It Is The Little Things

We’ve finally decided to jump into this millennium, technologically-speaking, and we got DVR.   I was so excited, I could hardly stand it.  I felt like a little kid on Halloween.  Hubby returned with our brand-new DVR and we set it up.  We activated it, and we waited.  And we waited….and waited…and waited.  Nothing ever happened, except this nasty blue message saying “This channel will be available shortly”  (Shortly, my a$$)

3 calls, and still no luck.  So today we swapped out the box and shazam!  It works!!  (Insert happy banana dance)

Special props to mr. d for turning my technology frustrations into technology happiness.   You rock, hubby.


  1. Yay! no more missed shows for you! I could not live without my DVR and I’m glad you won’t need to either!


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