Posted by: Andrea | October 15, 2008

Copycat Kudos and Wordless Wednesday

After seeeing this awesome pic at Perpstu’s site, I had to share a similar scary scene from summer travels.


  1. What the … ?!?!?

    How come the big, sceamin’ kid’s in the front … ?!?!? And, oh yeah … if’n anyone wants to be shot out of a canon, it’s stripey boy there …..

    …………. Ruprecht

    (P.S. Rupe’s first venture into WordPress. Rupe’s not real happy his name’s taken over here. Just sayin’ …..)

  2. i look like i’m passing kidney stones…yikes!!!!

  3. That looks is priceless! LOL

  4. Cute, the little guy looks as if he can’t decide if he likes the ride or not.

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