Posted by: Andrea | September 5, 2008

Good bye Gustav, Hello Ike

So I promised myself I’d be better about blogging my Hurrication experiences. I tried with Katrina, but in the end, I just didn’t have the time to do it. K was much bigger than anyone expected, and quite honestly, we’re still living in a Post-K area.

So Gustav came around, and we all think we’ve learned from our experience with Katrina. I planned ahead, made reservations out of town to evacuate and prepped the house. A part of me walked thru it like a zombie, the other part of me refused to be afraid. Now that I’m home, I’m exhausted.

Our trip to Bham was slow. Took us 11 hours instead of the 6 or so it should have. But we made it out. We took some back roads and only had traffic hold us up in Meridian and Tuscaloosa (WTF??) Apparently the MS Gov’ner decided to do some crazazy crap with contraflow….i’ve heard rumors it was only for 10 miles, etc. Personally, we evac’d about 2 hours ahead of scheduled contraflow and NEVER saw one single piece of interstate utilized contrarily. I saw very few troopers, except to block OFF (yes that’s right, block off) the entrances to Rest Areas. Who does that? Really. At some point, I’ve heard rumors they blocked the exit ramps as well. The exit ramps weren’t blocked when we went thru, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were later. I saw pictures of it, but who knows. I was just glad to get to our hotel.

Of course, our room wasn’t ready upon arrival, but the a/c was cold and our pet-friendly hotel didn’t mind our rufus in their lobby. Yeah for pet-friendly. So we finally got settled in, got the computer up and connected. Plurked, and searched for info on our area and Gus.

The news channels were blaring constant coverage of Gus, but it was really so generic that I kept it on in the background, but nothing useful came of it. Sad.

I found a website with the live feeds from our local stations. Halleluia. That was awesome! I was glued to that for the next few hours. On and off, I wanted to see the coverage. I missed the Katrina coverage, I just wanted to see it. Dammit. Hubby says oh don’t keep up with all that. It’s not good to just watch. But I wanted it. I want to see it. So I snuggled up on the couch, laptop, pillow and tv remote and immersed myself in it. (This was after danger boy went to sleep of course.)

more later


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