Posted by: Andrea | June 10, 2007

The Sopranos Season Finale

Can you say ‘movie-option’ anyone? Yeah, the Sopranos last episode was good, they were really on top of their game, but the last moments sucked big time. The screen went black after minutes of tension-building scene-play while Meadow endlessly tried to parallel park her car, several diner guests were ominously showcased and the Sopranos were served diner-style onion rings and cokes. So we’re left with the big question…Does Tony get whacked, and in front of his family at that? Or will he end up in jail on a lame weapons charge? I’m guessing they are saving that for the big screen. I thought I was going to cry, with it being the end and all, but when the screen cut out black 3 minutes early, I was too pissed. Especially since our cable provider decided it was time to run an emergency alert test right before Phil got whacked. Almost missed the gas station scene. Unbelievable…during the season finale. Are they that dense?

All in all, the end left you wondering who was to be trusted, and who had flipped, be it to the feds or another faction of the family. Paulie didn’t convince me that he was on Tony’s side, but in the end, he was a man of his word. I wish we knew what happened with Silvio. I hope they bring him back in the movie, if there is one, as it seems they left that open as well. Janice stayed true to her roots, after the money, even in sorrow. And Tony’s kids continued to be the typical family that Tony and Carmela raised, spoiled rotten and without much of a conscience.

Ah, the end of an era. Family Redefined. Family History. Family. We grew to love them, despite their faults, their obvious character flaws, and we accepted them into our lives. It’s been a journey. It’s been real.


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